A brief review of the Yamaha CP300 stage piano…

Yamaha has 30 years of experience in crafting stage pianos and the new Yamaha CP 300 is a complete package providing you the latest technology in the world of digital pianos.

Compiled with Yamahas rich tradition and experience, this instruments offers the expressiveness of a grand piano and at the same time the portability and dynamism of the current day digital instrument.

The Yamaha CP 300 is a professional stage piano with an appealing layout. When you sit to play on it, it lets your musical imaginations flow endlessly. It rules out the need to plug a separate sound system as it has well designed speakers on the left and right that are well placed in a designed cabinet.

The sounds are big enough to throng an auditorium and plays magically in an intimate club.

Yamaha has extensive experience in creating fine sophisticated pianos and the CP 300 stage piano has been designed with perfection. The Graded Hammer Effect feature gives resistance to all the keys that increases from the top register to the lower as with all acoustic pianos. This enables you to naturally control the low notes with your left hand while still composing the high notes with your right fingers at the same time. In this way it plays itself along with you and brings out your best performance.

The CP300 is the flagship of the stage piano series. While crafting this wonderful instrument, attention has been given to include subtle elements taken from recorded stereo samples of top quality instruments. A wide variety of dynamic sounds including vintage electric piano, organ, guitar, strings and much more has been included.

The Panel Lock button is a special feature that prevents changing your special settings by an errant hand and helps keep your settings secure until you decide to change it yourself.

Besides these, other features include AWM tone generation system, 128 note polyphony, 50 original voices, 480 XG voices, 12 drum kits, five-band master equalizer, MIDI, stereo speaker system, 16 track sequencer, USB terminal, pitch bend and modulation wheels, four pedal connectors, balanced XLR outputs, and much more. All these features make this instrument a cut above the rest. The CP 300 series gives you the same pedal control like the actual grand piano. It also comes with a fourth pedal input with which you can control various sound settings like the reverb, chorus or brightness of the sound.

The CP 300 lets you take full command of your gear. You can play and control the external synthesizers and tone generators during your performance. Different internal voices can be assigned to different sections of the keyboard and even create complex, multiple textured layers of the sound.

The CP 300 has a special Mono Piano sound with a compression effect, designed specifically for live performance. It has the power to stand out, even in full band situations.

The World Tour keyboard stand is an excellent added feature for the Live Performer on stage. The Yamaha CP 300 stage piano is truly a performer for both professional as well as aspiring piano player.

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